The interesting sights around us!

The Museum-house “Peyo Yavorov”

The most gorgeous person from Chirpan and a symbol of the town is the poet Peyo Yavorov. The Museum-house “Peyo Yavorov” is opened for visits on October 31st , 1954. It is situated in the central part of the town and it welcomes visitors from the country and foreigners during the whole year. The museum keeps and preserves original documents, photos and objects, connected with the activities of Yavorov and his epoch. The spacious exposition halls, the silent, romantic yard are a traditional place for cultural manifestation in the born-town of the poet.

Art gallery “Nikola Manev”

Close to the born-house of Yavorov is situated the Art gallery “Nikola Manev”. A huge yard with tick boxwood is situated behind the painted facade of the house, built by a local Turkish bey a century and a half ago. “The house of the bey”, as it is called by the old local people is one of the most beautiful old Renaissance houses in the town.

In April 2000 the world-known person from Chirpan, the artist Nikola Manev buys and restores the house and fits it up with authors pictures. In September 2001 at one of the traditional fests of the gallery another Bulgarian and friend of Nikola Manev, Ilia Delev, gives 10 giant crystals as a present to the artist. They are brought from the river valley of the river Orinoco, Brazil. They are unique, because people could see them only in two places in Bulgaria: the museum “Earth and people” Sofia and here, in Chirpan.

Georgi Danchov – The Icon Painter

On the celebration of the Municipality September 6, 2006, a new exhibition hall was opened in the town. It bring the name of the famous artist an revolutionary from Chirpan – Gerogi Danchov. Works of the painter are presented during the whole year in the hall. It is a pleasant place for the implementation of poetic and music nights.

Historical museum

The Historical museum of the town of Chirpan disposes of four exhibition halls, funds and work offices for the departments: “Archaeology”, “Ethnography” and “History”. It disposes also of equipped restoring studio and a seminar hall. The museum collects, researches and explores the the archaeology, ethnography and history of Chirpan and the region.
The most significant object of the museum is “Karasura”, which is situated to the east of the town, in the south slopes of the mountain Sredna gora. This place keeps unique historical evidences for the life of the neolith (4th millennium B.C.) until the late middle ages (14th c). The material found by the archaeological diggings is very diverse separate architectural elements, stone columns with inscriptions, sculpture and cult monuments from the ages B.C., work tools, coins. The collection of mediaeval ornaments is rich. Great amount of ceramics from different epochs, including more than 250 restored utensils is found. The most impressive collective find is from 11th c. And includes 30 utensils with refined forms and decorations.


Monuments of P. K. Yavorov , Vasil Levski, Georgi Danchov – Zografina, Dimitar Danailov – t. Chirpan .

The church “St. Bogorodotsa”

The church “St. Bogorodotsa” is the first big Christian temple in Chirpan. It was built at the place of a small church from 8th century in 1835. The church was built with the permission of the sultan. The sultan’s firman is issued in 1848 and it is preserved in the church together with the whole story of its building. A great part of the iconography is done by Georgi Danchov The Icon-painter.

The monastery “St. Atanasii”

The monastery “St. Atanasii” is situated close to Chirpan town in the village of Zlatna Livada. The place where it was built is a strategic way Constantinople Serdika. And also it is situated at the foot of one important fortress (its remains could be seen today) and near a Thracian nymphey. The uniqueness of this first and oldest European monastery is enriched by charnel-house in the rocks above it.

This is a miraculous hole, inhabited by the Saint and his followers during the days of fasting, prayer and retirement, for health and prosperity. The monastery complex combines ancient Christian tradition with rare natural beauty, it offers wonderful conditions for cultural and eco tourism. An eco-path is to be created on the way from Chirpan to the monastery. “St. Athanasius” is the oldest monastery in Europe and is one of the cultural and historical landmarks in Bulgaria . Its uniqueness is complemented by local legends of healing water in the well of the convent associated with the foundation and patronage by St. Athanasius and of the hermitage in the rocks above the monastery – a miraculous hole inhabited by the saint and his followers in the days of fasting , prayer and solitude in which pilgrims pass for health and wellbeing. Patron saint of the monastery of St. Athanasius is 2 May.

The oldest tree in Bulgaria

The oldest tree in the country – the type of summer oak in the village of Granit, Bratya Daskalovi municipality.

Sredno Gradishte

Sredno Gradishte is a village situated 14-15 km north of Chirpan, after Spasovo. A new road from Chirpan leads to the village, opened in 2008. According to an old tradition in the village got married and lived the sister of the Bulgarian educator Paisij Rilski (Georgi Epitov Inelski).

The main objective of both his writings is to show the glorious past of the Bulgarian people, revealed by important events in which Bulgarians and their prominent leaders took part.
Above the village is the highest peak of Chirpan Heights, Mount Kitkata highs at 680 m. above sea level. The terrain is mountainous with oak forests and small tufts of hornbeam and linden, and also pine trees about 50 years old. Famous place near the village is the area called Brusovoto, where in early spring you can see whole meadows with flowering snowdrops. There are many abandoned quarries, and that is where the name The Plate village comes from. All the houses and fences are only of stone, carved and perfectly ordered. At the beginning of June is held yearly village fair.