A rendezvous of luxury and real wine

Chateau “Trendafiloff” cultivates about 100 acres own vineyards – French brands. The capacity of the winery is up to 100 tons, but at this stage it produces about 50 tons. The Wine cellar is specialized in production of “Cabernet Sauvignon”, “Merlot”, “Shyraz & Cabernet Sauvignon”, “Chardonnay”, “Muscat Ottonel”, “Rose”.

Wine tasting

The Tasting hall for the fans of wine tasting is 7 m under the ground and it is a great place with an amazing acoustics. The natural and constant temperature here is conducive to maturing of the wine in barrels of Canadian oak. It is required a wine tasting appointment to be arranged for the comfort of our customers. The minimum number of guests is 6. Tastings are held by a professional winemaker, who acquaints guests with the process of growing grapes, grape harvesting, wine manufacturing and different types of wine at Chateau “Trendafiloff”.

Wine tasting of 3 wines: 12 leva

Wine tasting of 4 wines: 15 leva

Wine tasting of 6 wines: 18 leva

Gourmet wine tasting of 3 wines: 15 leva

Gourmet wine tasting of 4 wines: 20 leva

Gourmet wine tasting of 6 wines: 25 leva