About us

Something like a hobby, something like a fairy tale !

Chateau Hotel “Trendafiloff” or the castle, as some people call it now, grabs the attention of people traveling in the direction of the capital and the sea. And those who visit us want to return again to enjoy the comfort, tranquility and the high standards.

We created this jewel with a lot of love and hard work for you!

The owner of Chateau Hotel “Trendafiloff” is Mr. Petar Trendafilov, who since 1990 is engaged in agriculture, and later with Vine Wine. As he says

“It is thanks to the earth , I have established this chateau .”

Chateau Hotel “Trendafiloff” come true is our family dream of combining wine with tourism.

The complex grew within three years of hard work in the place of quarry of which were once landed stones.More than 200,000 cubic meters of soil have been allocated on the terraces and in the area of mounds to create favorable soil conditions for the grapes. The place itself is ventilated, slope shines from dawn to sunset and so the grapes are ” baked ” and bearing fruit.

“The vineyard is my hobby , my soul is filled with joy seeing how neatly trimmed it is.”

And the vineyard does not remain indifferent to the love of its owner and generously donates a rich harvest from which flows really nice wine.

“Whatever God has given to the vine that I just put in the bottle.”

And if Mr. Trendafilov is fully committed to the land and vineyard, the daughter Vanya and his wife Margarita are the instigators and creators of the interior design of Chateau Hotel “Trendafiloff”. Again a lot of love, desire for aristocratic delicacy and luxury is woven into every detail.

“The Chateau is my pride, I will keep it, we will develop and European agriculture. We will create coziness and comfort to our guests. Anyone would wonder if it was worth it all, after each step stumble in confusion. But I wanted to leave something for future generations, for the children, for the people.”

Mr. Petar Trendafilov

Owner of Chateau Hotel "Trendafiloff"